10 Things You Didn’t Know About Carpet.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Carpet.

10 Fun Facts About Carpets.


The Pazyryk Carpet - The oldest surviving carpet in the world today

1. The word carpet is derived from the Latin word carpere, which means “to pluck.” The origin was probably because carpets then were made from unravelled plucked fabric. Incidentally, carpe diem also shares the same root word with carpets, and it literally means “to pluck/seize the day.”

2. New technological processes for manufacturing and dyeing carpets emerged only in the 1950s, when man-made fibers were introduced into the market. It was only then that carpet makers finally found a way to mass produce high-quality, durable and affordable carpets.

3. The very first vacuums invented in the early 20th century were coal-powered, bulky machines that were operated by three people. Apart from the obvious inconvenience, homeowners were not convinced that they needed one because they didn’t believe that their carpets could harbour that much dirt.

4. Waste carpet trimmings, backing and yarn are not entirely wasted after the carpet manufacturing process. These can still be processed to become furniture battings, carpet cushion or reinforcing filler for fence posts or road underlayment.

5. In the olden days, carpets are either beaten over a porch rail or a windowsill to get rid of accumulated dust and dirt. Others sprinkled tea leaves over the carpet to bring to the surface all the dirt and make it easier to sweep them off the fibres.

5. The tradition of using red carpets for important ceremonies has been around for a very long time. The oldest reference to a ‘red carpet’ was made by Aeschylus in Agamemnon (458 BC).

6. Carpets do really add warmth to a room during the cold season. It acts as a kind of insulator that may help you cut down on heating costs in the long run.

7. The largest exporter of hand-made carpets is Iran. It is home to some of the finest and most beautiful hand-woven Oriental floor coverings today.

8. The oldest surviving carpet in the world today dates back 2,000 years ago. It is called the Pazyryk carpet and was found in a Scythian tomb in southern Siberia.

9. In the Middle Ages, floors were covered with rushes, which acted like a disposable carpet that was thrown away when it got too dirty. Carpets today are valued not just for their beauty and affordability, but also for the length of their life.

10. The power loom started the carpet industry’s modernization. This machine was invented by Erastus Bigelow in 1839, doubling carpet manufacturing in the first year of its creation.

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