Carpet Cleaning Tips – 3 Ways To Keep Your Carpet Looking Good

3 Quick & Dirty Tips To Keep Your Carpet Clean

Obviously you should have your carpet cleaned professionally on a regular basis, but in-between cleans you can keep re-soiling to a minimum by following these 3 simple routines.

#1 Immediate Relief Of Spills.

If you spill something…. clean it up! … Quick!

The longer a spill stays on your carpet the more chance it has of the stain setting. Depending on the substance of the spillage and the type of carpet, the stain can actually dye the carpet fibres making the stain impossible to remove.

The solution?

Paper towels are your best friend here, you could also use a clean cloth or towel. place the paper towels on the spill and press down to let the towel soak up the liquid DO NOT rub it – blot it.
Keep doing this with fresh paper towels until you have absorbed most of the liquid.
If there is some colouration from the spill left on the carpet you should call a trusted professional carpet cleaner as soon as possible.

You could use some kind of household product to stop the stain from setting although I wont comment on individual products here, I’ll leave that for another post.
But you should check out the page – Why You Shouldn’t Use High Foam Carpet Cleaning Products (Coming Soon)

#2 Proper Vacuuming.

Put some effort into it!

When I clean carpets, I’m often amazed at how good it looks even just after the dry vacuum stage of the process.
If you only give your carpets a quick once over to remove visible debris, you are allowing dust and other undesirable molecules to build up in your carpet.
This build up, over time (apart from being unhealthy) causes discolouration of the carpet fibres.

  • Maintain Your Vacuum Make sure the tubes are clear and the bag/dust canister is not full.
  • Use The BrushUsually switched to by that little pedal on the vacuum head, this catches hairs and also grooms the carpet.
  • Vacuum Two Ways Pull the vacuum backwards across the pile to lift it and then go back the opposite way to reset it. (You may find your carpet looks better with the pile back-brushed, so go back the other way again.)

#3 Carpet Protection.

Protect high traffic, high stress areas.

High traffic areas (such as your entrance hall)  can be protected for very little cost by placing down a clear plastic runner, perfect for visitors on a rainy/snowy day.

High stress areas (like the area under your office chair) can be kept clean and more importantly un-damaged from the chair wheels with something like a shaped chair mat.

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