Choosing A New Carpet For Your Home

Choosing A New Carpet For Your Home.

Sometimes when we pick out new carpets for our homes, we focus too much on the aesthetics of the product without giving much thought about stain removal and maintenance in the long run.

Carpet Showroom - Choosing New Carpets

Purchasing new carpets is a good choice for livening up an old room or for updating the look of an entire house and there are a number of different carpet styles and fibre types to match your needs, tastes and flooring plan.

You can opt for one style and colour for all of the rooms in your house or you can mix and match different carpets according to the personality of the room. You can go for a patterned style or one that’s plain and simple.

At your carpet outlet you can ask for fabric swatches that you can take home to give you an idea as to how your carpet choice will look with the rest of your home decor. The carpet you want might look good inside the store, but once you take it home it might clash with the furniture or your wallpaper. Don’t base your decision on what’s fashionable now, but rather choose something that will not look awkward should you decide to redecorate again.

The important thing you should remember when shopping for a new carpet is that the fibre and style should be best suited for the place you want to put it.

For some homeowners, the fibre type of the carpet is perhaps the last thing they will ask about when selecting carpets. However, varying carpet fibers and constructions will give your carpet different properties.

In fact, the fiber type will influence how you can clean your carpet and what stain removal products and process you can use. It will also dictate how long the carpet will last without losing its original colour, texture and fluffiness.

You would be wise not to skimp on carpets for high traffic areas such as the hallway and living room because these carpets will be subjected to frequent tramping by visitors and everyone in the household. For these areas it is best to choose something with durable, easy-to-clean fibres and you may also want to look into protecting the new carpets with Scotchguard or Teflon Guard so that you will not have too much of a problem with stain removal in the future.

If you have young children, it’s also important that you go for stain-resistant carpets and ensure your carpet cleaner uses products that are non toxic. For other areas of the house like the bedrooms, library and drawing room, you can pick out something that’s more luxurious because these areas will not be subjected to as much wear and tear.

Buying the perfect carpet is all a matter of budgeting and prioritizing the rooms in your house to create a look that complements your home. However, style isn’t the only thing you need to consider when purchasing a new carpet because there are other equally important factors you will need to think about. You have to make sure that the carpet you buy will give you many years of satisfaction, quality and easy stain removal.

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