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Carpet Cleaning Products – A Quick Guide.

Sometimes to remove spills and stains from your carpet you may choose to try and clean it yourself with any of the multitude of carpet cleaning products available from the supermarket or DIY store.

If you are going to try these products on your carpet and clean it yourself then you need to ensure you follow a few sensible steps or you may in fact be making the problem worse.

High Foam Carpet Cleaning Products.

You have probably seen the adverts on TV – super magic wonder foam etc, however these cleaning products are really only a temporary fix at best, and at worst may in fact damage your carpet if used incorrectly.

After application of a high foam carpet cleaning product many times the stain appears to have been removed, but unless you have taken the time to extract the foam completely there is still a lot of foam residue left in the fibres. This residue attracts new dirt to it as time goes by and will make the area look dirty again very quickly.

Then you get the foam cleaner out again and repeat the process. Clean spot, dirty spot, clean spot, dirty spot….
Reapplication of these foam spot treatments over time can bleach the carpet forever (even if all the foam is finally removed.)

A professional carpet cleaner will use low foam, low residue cleaning  products to avoid this problem, these foam patches also make it difficult for a professional carpet cleaner, it slows down the entire cleaning process due to the large amount of foam that must be extracted from the area before the carpet can be declared clean.

Tips For The Effective Use Of Carpet Cleaning Products

If you are going to treat stains yourself with shop bought carpet cleaning products make sure you,

1. Always read the label to be sure it is suitable for you carpet fibre type. What is suitable for polyamide carpets may not be suitable for, or cause more staining to a wool based carpet.

2. Use the product very sparingly, only use a small amount at a time and remove as much foam as possible with damp cloth or towel or wet vacuum cleaner afterwards.

3. If you have used a product and the same area quickly becomes dirty again refrain from using any more cleaning solution, first try to clean the area with plain water and towels… I bet you will pull up old foam from the last attempt.

4. A professional carpet cleaner may only charge a small call out fee to remove a spot or two, so its worth calling to find out. It may end up cheaper in the long run.

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