Carpet Cleaning – The Hot Water Extraction Method

Carpet Cleaning – The Hot Water Extraction Method

Most carpet manufacturers recommend Hot Water Extraction (HWE) as the most effective method of cleaning carpets, Portable Carpet Cleaning Machineremoving ingrained dirt, bacteria and dustmites.

The HWE method is sometimes refered to as steam cleaning, however it is not quite that hot as steam would be too hot and possibly damage the carpet fibres.

Hot water straight from the tap, or warm water heated within the machine is mixed with the appropriate measures of products for the carpet type and condition, which is then loaded into the machine.

The solution is sprayed at high pressure into the carpet fibres, and extracted via a high power, duel motor vacuum.

This method of carpet cleaning does remain slightly damp afterwards. However, due to the high power extraction most of the water is removed and carpets dry quickly.

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