Common Carpet Cleaning Myths

Carpet Cleaning Myths/Misconceptions


Carpet Cleaning Myths

1. After carpet cleaning the carpet will get dirty again much quicker.


This misconception stems from carpet cleaning methods that have left excess residue in the carpet which then attracts new dirt, a pro carpet cleaner would use low residue cleaning solutions and a high power machine to remove excess detergents from the carpet.

If you use foam based cleaning products on your carpet you may have experienced the nice white patch for a few days until the same area becomes dirty again as dirt from feet sticks to the foam left in the carpet fibres.


2. You can just hire a machine from the supermarket and do just as good a job.


You may save money by hiring a carpet cleaning machine and having a crack at it yourself.
However the hire out machines available are under-powered compared to even the smallest pro machines and not only will you waste your weekend sweating over the task, and another few days hopping over soaked carpets,  you also do not have the skill, experience and training that a professional carpet cleaner can provide.


3.You should get you carpet cleaned only when it looks dirty.


In reality, no matter how much care you take, your carpet is getting dirtier by the hour. Dust, pollen, bacteria, dust-mites & other bugs are trapped between the fibres of your carpet. Vacuuming helps keep numbers down, but only a good deep clean will provide a totally sanitised carpet. A professional carpet cleaner will use specialist detergents and anti bacterial deodourisers that will not only clean, but also protect the carpet for some time afterwards.

By booking regular (6 months – 1 year intervals) carpet cleaning, you are maintaining its appearance and KEEPING it clean, extending the life and beauty of the carpet. Do you only service your car when it breaks down?


4. Steam cleaning will damage the carpet.


Well this one is actually half true… STEAM can damage the carpet, steam is so hot it will burn you, it can damage the fibres and possibly shrink wool based carpets. Hot water extraction however, uses safe temperatures for effective carpet cleaning without causing damage. Hot water extraction performed by a trained and professional technician actually refreshes the pile of a carpet.



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