Carpet Cleaning Service Vs Hire a Machine & D.I.Y

Hiring a machine & cleaning your own carpet

If you want to save a few pennies, you might not want to hire a professional to do the carpet cleaning for you and instead opt for some do-it-yourself commercial products easily available from the local supermarket or hardware store.

A word of warning though, some do-it-yourself carpet cleaning methods may be more harmful than helpful. This is because some carpets require special care and chemicals for cleaning, and you might make a mistake in choosing which products to use and end up ruining the carpet.
Some cheaper foam based spot cleaning products solutions are extremely soapy when used on the carpet. Thus, they leave considerable residue on the fibres, making your carpet vulnerable to dirt and soiling even within a short period after cleaning.

residue from foam carpet cleaning product

Residue left in the carpet from a foam cleaning product

To clean larger areas of carpet, another option you might try is to rent a carpet cleaning machine in your locality. These carpet cleaning machines can do a fairly good job if used correctly.

Most hire-out cleaning machines come with its own particular brand of cleaning product to use, you are required to pay for these products when hiring the machine (which can substantially increase the cost of this ‘cheaper’ option) and while this may save you from having to choose the solution yourself, it does not guarantee you the best cleaning possible.
The main risk of doing the cleaning yourself, is that you might inadvertently over-saturate your carpet with water and the cleaning solution, leaving it wet for days and therefore susceptible to mold and mildew.

When this happens, you have no other choice but to pay for the rental service and call a professional carpet cleaner in to rectify the situation.
Apart from the costs involved, you are also putting in hours of your time and effort for something that can otherwise be done by professionals while you relax for just a little extra money.

Professional carpet cleaning—still the best choice

Carpet owners are much better off hiring somebody to do the dirty job for them. Not only do they get the highest quality of cleaning service, they also have the additional benefit that the guy doing the job actually knows how to go about it.

Hiring a professional carpet cleaner means that you don’t have to go through the hassle of evaluating the type and condition of your carpet and deciding what cleaning process and chemical solutions to use. Contrast this with do-it-yourself carpet cleaning either at home or at a carpet cleaning machine rental store, which exposes your carpet to greater risks of damage.

The prices of professional carpet cleaning services may seem a little expensive compared to the D.I.Y route, but you can bet that your investment will go a long way towards insuring your carpets’ durability and attractiveness in the years to come. With a professional carpet cleaner you can get advice about the best carpet cleaning method to use as well as tips for maintaining the cleanliness of the carpet in between cleaning sessions.


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