Carpet Cleaning Products We Use (Part 1)

Carpet Cleaning Produsts We Use

You may be curious to know more about the products we use when cleaning your carpets rugs or upholstery. We use either Prochem or Craftex products, these are designed for professional carpet cleaning machines as they are low foam, low residue, highly effective cleaning agents.

Liquid Woolcare

liquid woolcare carpet cleaning solution

Liquid Woolcare

The main product we use on a daily basis is Liquid Woolcare, both prochem and craftex have a similar version of this.

Its safe for 100% wool (obviously) and also wool blend (part wool, part man-made fibre) carpets.

For 100% man-made fibre carpets (usually polymide) a slighty higher ph cleaning solution can be used such as Extraction Pro.

Anti Bacterial Deodoriser

Bactericidal  carpet deodoriser

Tropical Anti Bacterial Deodoriser

To ensure a lasting freshness during and after carpet cleaning we add an anti ba

cterial deodoriser to the cleaning solution, this kills any bacteria

(which cause bad odours) and penetrates the carpet fibres with a delicious smell. Including a deodoriser is essential when cleaning wool carpets.

as natural fibres when wet can have a slight ‘wet dog smell’ to them, a deodoriser effectively combats this whilst the carpets dry fully.
Some fragrances we regularly stock are Tropical, Fresh Linen, Tea Tree & Mint, Pear, & Bubblegum.

So if you live in Essex or Suffolk and you long for a clean, fresh and fragrant carpet, contact Zippy Carpet Cleaning today.

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