Renting Your Home? – Don’t Lose Your Deposit.

Renting Your Home? – Don’t Lose Your Deposit.

Renting Your Home? Don't Loose Your Deposit

Carpet Cleaning is a must.

If you are renting a property your security deposit may be at stake if you do not have your carpets professionally cleaned before you move out.

Many landlords now state in the tenancy agreement that carpet cleaning is required either by the tennent or money will be taken from the deposit to cover the cost of cleaning after vacation.

Which is fair enough, even if you have been careful to avoid spills and stains, the carpet is still dirty, especially if you have had pets or smokers in the house, even just dust from your skin, bacteria, and allergens will have built up over time. When you move into a new place wouldn’t you like to know that the carpets have been sanitised by a professional?

Before moving out arrange a quote from several carpet cleaning companies, ensure the one you choose will give you a written receipt or certificate stating that all carpets have been cleaned to a professional standard and treated with anti bacterial de-odouriser.Check with your landlord this is acceptable and you may well save money in the long run and you may get your full deposit back quicker if everything is in good condition.

If you are renting in Essex or Suffolk why not give us a call, we work with several letting agents and landlords locally and we clean carpets to their approved standard.

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