10 More Things You Never Knew About Carpet.

Another 10 Crazy Facts About Carpet.

Ok so just for fun I’ve come up with some more ‘interesting’ carpet facts. You never know, maybe they’ll come up in the next pub quiz.

1. Walking on carpeted surfaces results in lower disturbance of airborne particles, thus improving the overall quality of the air in such area.

2. A carpet rake is used to groom the carpet after cleaning, enhancing its appearance and giving it a softer look.

3. Bacteria can still survive after four weeks on carpet. Microbial adhesion allows germs to be transferred to food that is dropped on bacteria-infested surfaces, thereby causing gastrointestinal disorders.

4. Oriental carpets are rife with symbolism and meaning. Carpets featuring an X or an eight-petaled flower represent the four cardinal directions, while some large-scale Persian carpets often depict a part of the universe.

5. The average human sheds around 1.5 million skin flakes an hour. Most of these fall down and become embedded into our carpets.

Swastika Carpet

Swastika Rug To Celebrate A Wedding

6. The swastika was traditionally recognized as a symbol of goodfortune, and can be seen weaved into carpets across China, India, America and Europe.

7. A carpet is made up of two parts—the carpet pile or face (the surface that you step on) and the carpet backing.

8. Floor coverings need to be vacuumed at least once a week to take out the accumulated dirt, dust and pet dander. High traffic areas might require even more frequent cleaning, especially if you also have pets in the house.

9. Carpets help in controlling the amount of dust and allergens in the air we breathe by acting as a kind of trap for these unwanted particles. These stay in the carpet until it is vacuumed or cleaned.

10 …and finally (get ready for this!)

An ABC News investigation discovered that most carpets in hotel rooms contained traces of urine, even if you pay for a suite that costs $400 per night. Shining a black light over the carpets, revealed traces of the previous occupants urine.


11. Bonus Fact!

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