4 Tips For Simple Home Cleaning Management

4 Tips For Simple Home Cleaning Management

Keeping Your Home Tidy Must Be A State Of Mind.

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To keep your home clean and tidy you need to create a system that makes sense for you, your home and the people you live with. The demands of a large house wont be the same as those of a studio flat and the home of a full time working couple will not need the same maintenance as a house occupied by a family with two children and a dog.

Whatever your lifestyle, you just need to follow a few simple rules to turn housekeeping into an art form – making your home the envy of any visitors.

Establishing priorities and setting realistic goals in your daily schedule are essential. Emphasis should always be on the areas that are used most frequently and where cleanliness is a priority such as the kitchen and bathroom. Lists are a great way to ensure everything is done in a methodical manner and to enable you to keep focused on the tasks at hand.

If you can change the way you think around the home then you will save yourself a lot of time and effort keeping your house clean and tidy. Adopt the key attitudes below and you and your home will instantly benefit.

Live Tidy

Make this your new mantra. Being tidy is a state of mind that over time will become second nature and be a part of your everyday lifestyle. Do NOT allow things to accumulate, clutter is like a virus – it multiplies and spreads rapidly. Critical areas to keep on top of are tables, worktops and draining boards. If more out of sight storage is needed to keep these areas clear then invest in some.

Make Lists and Delegate if Possible

If the regular chores are listed on a calender, white/black board or pinned to the wall then it’s so much easier to keep on top of what needs doing and when. It also helps in the delegation of tasks to other family members, everyone makes sure their job is done and ticks it off the list.

Think Ahead

Making the tea? – Clean worktops or load the dishwasher whilst waiting for the kettle to boil. Going upstairs to the bathroom?- Take some clean clothes up with you. Running a bath? – Give the mirror a wipe while you wait.

By thinking in this way, accumulation of mess and clutter can be kept at bay and saves time in the long run.

Get Professional Help

Keeping your home in a constant state of cleanliness (without sacrificing all of your free time) is not fully possible without some professional cleaning assistance. Whether it be a window cleaner, gardener, carpet cleaner, oven cleaner or maid service – Calling in specialists regularly will make a massive difference to your housekeeping.