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3 Reasons Your Carpet is Crying Out for Help!


1Sand and grit particles are continually scratching and dulling your carpet.

Each day we pull Kilograms of gritty debris out of the base of your neighbours’ carpets. It is in yours too! Spread the yarns apart and look deep to see it. It’s grinding away your expensive carpets into worthless fibres that fill up your vacuum bag.

This is the #1 cause of carpet wear. Every moment you wait, your carpet wears out faster!

2Residue is collecting dirt.

How do the traffic lanes feel on your carpet?
Airborne oil residues from cooking, along with other pollutants that make their way inside your home, settle into the carpet fibres. Slightly sticky, they grab dirt and lock it on. Through a process called ‘oxidation’ soils bond with the carpet becoming permanently attached, causing colour change and flatness.

The longer you wait between each carpet cleaning, the more soil becomes permanent.

3Pollutants in the air filter through your carpet.

Is the air in the room starting to smell stale? Just like a giant filter, your carpet traps pollutants so you don‘t breathe them in over and over again. But what happens when that “filter” gets full? Your family starts breathing dust mite debris, pollens, pollutants, fungus, spores, bacteria and a long list of other really gross stuff. Once your carpets natural filtering ability gets full, it is time for a thorough cleaning for your family’s health’s sake.

Clean every six months and you will breathe easier.

Carpets in our homes help to control the amount of dust and allergens in the air we breathe, by acting as a trap for unwanted particles, these particles stay in the carpet fibres until it is cleaned.

Did you know that 1 square metre of carpet can hold up to 1/2 a kilo of dust and dirt?

Deep Cleaning

Armed with a range of professional carpet cleaning products, equipment and experience, we clean carpets, rugs and upholstery in and around Essex with a commitment to providing the best possible cleaning results for domestic and commercial clients. We don’t just push a machine around and call it done, we take pride in cleaning.

tickThorough and Skilled Cleaning

tickAnti Bacterial De-Odouriser Included

tickFriendly, Experienced, Insured Technician

tickWorkmanship Guarantee


What Our Customers Say…

“I had my carpets cleaned and it looks and smells amazing, excellent service, I shall be using time and time again starting next with my sofas being cleaned. I highly recommend Zippy Carpet cleaning” – Carly (Braintree)
“3 carpets that are a few years old now cleaned in our household. Came up like new. Leaving a fresh aroma around the house. Very impressed by zippy carpet cleaning.” – Sarah (Colchester)
“We have worked closely with Jon for many years. His proffessional, caring attitude makes the hardest Carpet cleaning task appear so easy. An unquestionable perfect result every time.” – June & Clare (HomeMaid, Witham)

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