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Examples of our Carpet Cleaning Service.

Photo’s from our travels around Essex & Suffolk.



↓ This area near the kitchen entrance is the clients dogs favourite place to chew his treats, this had left a greasy and compacted residue in the carpet, here you can see the before, after and full length view of the hall after cleaning.

↓ Cleaning a dining room carpet in Toppesfield.This carpet had several large dark patches spread out across it. After cleaning, it came up almost like new again.

↓ This lounge has a thick pile, pure white carpet. With a light colour carpet in a high traffic area, every day grime and dirt had built up over the months to turn it into a brown carpet until it was rescued by us.

↓ This rental property in Kelvedon had several carpets in need of a deep clean. After de-greasing and extraction cleaning the improvement was incredible.

↓ A living room clean, the carpet didn’t look too bad… until the cleaning revealed quite a colour difference.

↓ After decorating the office, the guys down at Wicked Wheels in Halstead discovered that their dust sheets didn’t protect much of the carpet. After a lot of effort, the paint spots were removed and the carpet was back to it’s former glory.

↓ As you can see from the ‘before’ pictures, this colourful living room rug cleaned in Braintree was suffering from a gravy spill plus some general dirt and grime. The ‘after’ photo’s show the gravy completely removed, the carpet pile revived and the colours vibrant.

↓ A stubborn stain in this bedroom carpet in Feering, Essex was removed by Zippy Carpet Cleaning after other attempts had failed.

↓ An open fire in a living room can be really cosy on a winters night, but the mess caused by chimney sweeping on the carpet is not so nice. This living room carpet in Halstead, Essex was given a new lease of life after a deep carpet cleaning.

Coffee spill in Kelvedon, Essex, before and after.
Here a tea/coffee removing product was applied to the stain, and then the carpet was extraction cleaned using WoolSafe solution.

General foot traffic, before and after.
This was a mixture of mud and grease at the top of a staircase, this was pre vacuumed and then wet cleaned with Woolsafe solution. stubborn spots were removed with orange gel.

One of our carpet cleaning machines at work in Coggeshall, Essex. The cleaning solution and hot water go in…. and the dirty water comes out.

This white fluffy rug was restored to its original colour in Kelvedon, Essex by a pre -vacuum and treatment with traffic lane degreaser, followed by cleaning with liquid woolsafe solution and the pile was groomed during cleaning using a stiff carpet brush.

This hallway rug cleaned in Halstead, Essex was also treated with traffic lane degreaser and then extraction cleaned with woolsafe carpet cleaning solution.


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