Sofas, Chairs, Full Suites or Foot Stools

There are a lot of variables when it comes to cleaning soft furnishings, different fabrics require different cleaning methods. 

When cleaning upholstery the process involves testing and assessing the cleaning needs, then pre vacuum and or pre spray, followed by extraction rinse or dry foam application and lastly a fan dry and or towel dry.

We clean sofas and arm chairs, full suites, single chairs, dining chairs, and many other fabric covered items. We currently do not clean leather or suede items.


Cleaning 100 chairs at kelvedon reform church

Cost effective cleaning of commercial, communal and professional seating areas is available from as low as only £2.50 per seat (conditions apply).

We have cleaned and sanitised seats, stools and chairs for clients including: Kelvedon United Reformed Church, Blackwater Medical Centre – Maldon, The Angel Pub – Kelvedon and The Barn Brasserie – Great Tey.



Dirty stained sofa before cleaning
Grey sofa after cleaning

Most modern upholstered furniture has a care label attached to the deck or area underneath the cushions. These care instructions should help in the guidance of the proper cleaning maintenance of the item. However, they generally are not very detailed and in cases of heavy soiling or inadequate maintenance procedures may require a professional cleaning system other than the manufacturers recomendation. These can be discussed and agreed upon with the technician before starting any cleaning work.