You deserve Carpet Cleaning that is thorough, dries quickly and stays clean longer!

We can do deep Rescue cleaning of very dirty carpets or maintain the new appearance of carpets with regular maintenance cleaning.

It’s best to not wait until a carpet looks dirty before having it cleaned, as there are many unwanted lurkers in even a clean looking carpet such as bacteria, mould spores and dust mites.

Keep reading to find out more.


An Example Of The Deep Cleaning Process

A pre-vacuum stage to remove any dry particles, this means that the wet stage of the clean is more effective.

A pre-spray containing one of our many magical formulas, selected by an expert cleaning technician specifically for the type of carpet and soiling present.

Agitation of the pre-spray into the carpet fibres, which helps the solution loosen and hold the dirt, separates matted fibres and helps to bring ‘life’ and bounce back into the carpet.

A thorough wet clean extraction, which rinses and extracts the pre-spray solution and dirt which leaves the carpet smelling fresh.

This is followed up with fan assisted drying to aerate the carpets and improve drying time.

3 Reasons Why Your Carpet Is Crying Out For Help

1. Sand & Grit Particles Are Scratching & Dulling Your Carpet!

Each day we pull kilograms of gritty debris out of the base of peoples carpets. It is in yours too.

Spread the yarns apart and look deep to see it. It is grinding away your expensive carpets into worthless fibres that fill up your vacuum bag.

This is the number 1 cause of carpet wear.

2. Sticky Residue Is Collecting Dirt & Grime

Airborne oil residues from cooking, pollen, and pollution make their way into and around your home and settle into the carpet fibres. Slightly sticky, they grab dirt and lock it in to your carpet.

Through a process called oxidation, soils bond with the carpet becoming permanently attached, causing colour change and flatness.

3. Pollutants In The Air Are Filtered Through Your Carpet

Just like a giant filter, your carpet traps pollutants so that you don’t breathe them in. (This is a good thing).

But what happens when that filter gets full?

You and your family start to breathe in dust mite debris, pollens and pollutants, fungus spores, bacteria and a long list of other really gross stuff.


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