The following is a list of some of the most frequent questions we get asked regarding our cleaning services.

Do I Have To Move Out My Furniture?

No. However, If you can and you have the space, then removing the furniture would make our job a little easier. But you do not need to.

We can work with most situations, either by using sliders to move large furniture around as we clean or by using smaller cleaning attachments to enable cleaning underneath large items.

We do ask that you clear as many small items from the room as possible, such as floor ornaments, small tables, toys and games, pet bedding etc to enable us to work safely and effectively.

How Long Will It Take To Dry

This is impossible to answer exactly, there are many variables to consider. But generally, a short pile carpet on a warm day with windows open will be dry in a few hours.

We always extract as much water as possible, use fans and or towels to get the carpet or upholstery as dry as possible, but the final part of the drying process will be down to how warm and ventilated the area is.

Can You Get This (Various) Stain Out?

Again, there are so many variables, no two stains are the same. Carpet fibre type, time left in contact with the carpet, the type of substance that made the stain, the heat and PH of the substance and whether it is water based or solvent based all have to be considered.

We will use the best products and industry techniques to clean as well as possible, but unfortunately some stains may be permanent.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

You can pay by cash, cheque or bank transfer. Payment is required upon job completion.